Pastor’s Notes

July 2024

Happy July, Everyone,

As expected, June was a very busy month, and July is shaping up to be like that as well. On June 2nd, 34 years to the day, Lisa and Charles Petska renewed their wedding vows in worship. It was a wonderful testament to the power of love and a lot of fun for everyone who was in attendance. Then, on June 9th, my friend Kim was visiting from California, and her sermon and presence added a great deal of joy to our worship. There are pictures of both Sundays in this newsletter, as well as a few other summer goodies for your viewing pleasure.

Looking ahead to this month, we have the following things to look forward to: On July 7th, we will be worshiping in the fellowship hall. The service will be informal, so feel free to dress casually (shorts are just fine), and yes – there will be snacks. Our sermon that day will be a recording of my PLR mentor, and there will be some different elements to our worship that day. July 14th is one of those rare Sundays when we’ll be without a church musician. I have been honing my skills with my phone, YouTube music, and my handy-dandy JBL Bluetooth speaker, and have created a playlist with all of our service music. It will be interesting, to say the least! Then on July 21st, DeVere Larington will be playing; and on July 28th, Ray Jackson will be back. Those two Sundays should more than make up for my musical blunders on the 14th and I thank you in advance for your grace!

Also, this month David and I are starting a four-week series that looks at the prophets Ezekiel, Amos, Jeremiah, and Elisha. Each week, we will look at the prophet’s unique call and message, and we will explore how such calls get carried out in everyday ways that make a profound difference. We have some other ideas to explore when we take our annual week of study leave in early August, so as always, if there are topics you’re interested in hearing explored in worship, please let me know so that I can factor those in.

As for my sister and my knee, here are the quick updates. Becky has started both chemotherapy and immunotherapy, and the mapping for radiation has been done. She’ll start that on July 2nd. David and I had our first appointment with the folks in Kearney, and I meet all the criteria for a total knee replacement. I had an injection to hopefully help with pain until fall, we watched a very informative video about what to expect, and we have an appointment with the surgeon on September 11th. That’s when we’ll set the date for the procedure, so I’ll have more information for you after that.

One last thing I want to fill you in on is the mural we hope to have painted for the west wall of the building. Julie Geiger has been working with the Session and the Cozad Tourism Committee to pursue a mural that captures some of the history of Cozad, and it will be completely funded outside the congregation. She has received six proposals from artists, and a committee of representatives from Cozad Tourism, FPC, and the Henri Museum and Art Gallery will be meeting this month to select one. Roz Trusdale has agreed to represent us, (hooray and thank-you!), and I hope you have all filled out your ranking sheets and gotten them back to me. If not, please do so ASAP, as the more information with which we can provide her, the better able she’ll be to represent us.

So much for the lazy days of summer, huh? For a season that is generally slower in the life of the church, we are not lacking for things to keep us out of trouble. Nevertheless, I hope you are finding ways to slow things down a bit, enjoy God’s magnificent creation, and spend some time just being. As the psalmist declares, “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Everyday.

Have a great month, everyone.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jill