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 First Presbyterian Church

  819 E Street - Cozad, NE 69130

Phone: 308-784-2717 

Reach Out…Lift Up…Serve God in Faith!

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church!

Welcome to all who have no church home or are seeking a new home.

Welcome to young and old and to all ages and ethnicities.

Welcome to singles, to couples and to families of all shapes and sizes.

Welcome to those who are joyful and to those who are sad.

Welcome to those who are grateful and to those who are angry.

Welcome to those who are broken and to those who are whole.

Welcome to believers and to doubters and
to those who are doubting believers.

Welcome to all who come seeking God and to all who come
seeking merely to appease someone in their household.

First Presbyterian is a place where we seek to practice God’s love to all.

Come just as you are. Everyone is welcome.


Join Us On Sundays

 Sunday School - 9:30 a.m.
 Fellowship - 9:30 a.m.
 Worship - 10:30 a.m.

Upcoming Events

June 1 PW Meeting at 2p.m.
June 11 Communion Sunday
June 15 Jill - Lunch with
   MLP Members
June 18 Father's Day
June 19 Session meeting at 7p.m.
June 20 Faith Circle at 10a.m.
June 21 Jill - Care Homes Ministry

July 4 4th of July
July 6 PW meeting at 2 p.m.
July 9 Communion Sunday
July 12 Jill - Lunch with
   MLP Members
July 17 Session meeting TBD
July 18 Faith Circle at 10a.m.
July 19 - August 9 Pastor Jill
   on vacation

August 3 NO PW meeting
August 9 Pastor Jill back in office
August 13 Communion Sunday
August 15 No Faith Circle meeting
August 17 Jill - Lunch with
   MLP members
August 21 Session meeting TBD
August 24 Newsletter deadline
August 29 Mail Newsletter

 Bible Studies
   Sundays @ 7 p.m.
   Tuesdays @ 7 p.m.
   Thursdays @ 7 p.m.

  Check our calendar for more
   information on Bible Studies

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First Presbyterian Church
819 Avenue E.
PO Box 228
Cozad, NE 69130

(308) 784-2717

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