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February 2023

For the second month in a row, I am writing my newsletter reflection on the tail-end of a winter storm, this time it was one that had a massive amount of snowfall. I heard reports of between 15 and 17 inches for Cozad and Gothenburg, and regardless of which particular number is right, it was a lot of snow! How did you spend your snow days? What did you do to weather the storm? This is some of what I did...

Played in the snow while David was snow blowing. It was refreshing and fun.

Cooked a huge batch of soup that made the house smell good and fed us for several days.

Worked on the annual report, worship stuff, presbytery stuff, and session stuff; provided pastoral care by telephone, and had some Zoom meetings.

Put together a jigsaw puzzle (shocking, I know!) and watched all three of the LOTR (Lord of the Rings) movies.

Read for pleasure. Read for work. Read for pleasure some more.

Ventured out to get my haircut on Thursday afternoon and marveled at all the plows, front-loaders, and shovelers I saw hard at work in G-burg.

Monitored the roads in Cozad via phone with the help of some inside sources (you know who you are – thank you!).

In other words, I didn’t do anything all that special, but I sure did enjoy the time I was given to catch-up on things and relax after some very busy days. As the meme I copied from Facebook and is placed at the bottom of this page suggests, sometimes we just have to bow our head, say a prayer, and weather the storm. And, weathering some storms, like the snow we just had, can be fun. But, getting out feels good, too; and I’m glad things are getting back to “normal” – at least until the next one!

On a different note, I am looking ahead to Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday, which this year is February 22nd. As usual, we will have a special service of worship at 7:00 that evening, and it will include the imposition of ashes. A Sanctified Art, LLC has created a new Lenten worship guide, and I will be incorporating some of their liturgy and sermon ideas into our services throughout Lent and Easter. Its title is, Seeking: Honest Questions for Deeper Faith, and it looks to be a thought-provoking series. Also, this month holds our Annual Meeting of the Congregation and Corporation, which is scheduled for Sunday, February 5th at the end of worship. Copies of the Annual Report are available in the office, so if you haven’t picked-up your copy yet, be sure to do so in advance of the meeting.

Saints, whether the storms you are facing are of the wintry snow kind or something more personal, please know that I am here to assist if I can and am praying for you. Have a great month.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jill


Pastor Jill
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